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Integrating science across continents to provide cutting-edge medical technology to the largest population in the world.


About GT Healthcare

GT Healthcare Capital Partners (“GT Healthcare”) is an Asia-based private investment partnership that specializes in healthcare investments around the globe that aim to change technology landscapes.  GT Healthcare intends to provide capital and scale expertise to healthcare businesses in Asia / Greater China.

Our Venture Portfolio

About Oxford Nanopore: Headquartered in Oxford, England, Oxford Nanopore has developed the world’s first and only nanopore DNA sequencer, the MinION, a portable, real time, long-read, low cost device that has been designed to bring easy biological analyses to anyone, and enabling myriad applications within the traditional laboratory environment and in the field.


  • MinION: A portable, real time, long read device for direct DNA/RNA analysis
  • PromethION: A desktop, high-throughput, on-demand sequencer
  • VolTRAX: Automated sample preparation
  • SmidgeION: smartphone-based version of MinION; a little plug-in module at the bottom of a smart phone that can sequence DNA in any sample.

About Immunocore诚信红包外挂: Founded in Oxfordshire with offices in Philadelphia, USA, Immunocore is a world-leading biotechnology company focused on the development of a new class of immunotherapeutic drugs, based on proprietary T Cell Receptor (TCR) technology. The Company is primarily focused in the area of immuno-oncology but the technology also has potential for other conditions including infections and autoimmune diseases.  The scientific expertise at Immunocore spans the entire process of drug development, from the discovery and validation of suitable disease targets, through the design and engineering of immune-activating TCR-based drugs, to preclinical, clinical assessment, manufacturing and regulatory affairs.

Clinical and Pipeline
Immunocore’s lead program, IMCgp100, is currently undergoing a pivotal clinical study as a monotherapy for the treatment of patients with metastatic uveal melanomas. Combination studies with IMCgp100 and other immunotherapies, including a Phase I/II study with checkpoint inhibitors durvalumab and tremelimumab from MedImmune (AstraZeneca), for patients with metastatic cutaneous melanoma, are currently recruiting. In addition, IMCgp100 has been granted Orphan Drug Designation by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of uveal melanoma.

About Auris Health, Inc: Co-founded and led by visionary entrepreneur Dr. Frederic Moll, the Redwood City, California, USA-based company has pioneered and integrated the latest advancements in surgical robotics. Auris Health creates platforms that enhance physician capabilities, evolve minimally invasive techniques, and fashion new categories of care that redefines optimal patient outcomes.


  • Monarch is an Auris robotic system based on endoscopy, which involves inserting tiny cameras and instruments through a small opening in the body, avoiding the need to make large incisions. In clearing the Auris robot by the FDA, it goes further than conventional endoscopy by using software and robotics that augment what a surgeon can do. Though lung cancer is Auris’ first target, it envisions applying and extending the technology to other endoscopic procedures in the future.

About RefleXion Medical: Based in Hayward, California, USA, RefleXion Medical is a medical technology company that has developed the first and only biology-guided radiotherapy system (BgRT) for targeted and revolutionary cancer treatment.


  • By leveraging positron emission tomography (PET) in a novel way, RefleXion’s patented technology causes tumors to continuously signal their locations during treatment. Patients with metastatic cancer could benefit from its unique ability to accurately irradiate multiple tumors in the same session. Using this proprietary approach, RefleXion’s platform has the potential to deliver higher doses of radiation to cancerous lesions than other current systems, but with improved sparing of surrounding healthy tissue.

About Potrero Medical: Founded and based in San Francisco, California, USA, Potrero Medical develops monitoring devices to detect subtle changes in various physiological parameters. They provide earlier warnings of sepsis or systemic inflammatory response syndrome and optimizing its treatment by detecting and preventing fluid overload during fluid resuscitation.


  • AccurynMonitoring System provides accurate, real-time urine output (UO), intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), and temperature measurement. By automatically clearing the drain line, Accuryn™ enables accurate UO and reduced urinary retention – a known risk for catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI). Accuryn™ is also designed to improve clinical workflow by eliminating manual intervention of drain line blockages and by providing out-of-the box EMR integration.

About Oxford Nanoimaging: Based in Oxford, England, Oxford Nanoimaging (ONI) manufactures and sells custom microscopes offering super-resolution and single-molecule capabilities to research users.  ONI’s objective is to bring the most advanced fluorescence microscopy methods to a whole new community of researchers, for whom such experiments may previously have been inaccessible.  In this way, the full potential of single-molecule fluorescence for understanding cells and combating disease at the molecular level can be realized.


  • The Nanoimager instrument was developed over the last 8 years in the research group of Professor Achillefs Kapanidis at the University of Oxford.  Professor Kapanidis is a world leader in the use of single-molecule fluorescence to understand proteins that manipulate DNA and RNA.  Using this experience, every aspect of the Nanoimager was carefully considered to improve the simplicity and efficiency of fluorescence imaging, to support researchers in answering vital biological questions and developing novel assays and sensors.

About Ulromics Limited: The Oxford, England-headquartered company has been designing world-class cardiology diagnostic aids by leveraging artificial intelligence and one of the world’s largest imaging databases. Its applications analyze all the data points using machine-learning techniques, while having the potential to yield new, objective and highly diagnostic metrics about cardiac function and disease.

The echocardiography software developed by Ultromics drastically improves the diagnosis of coronary heart disease. By extracting more than 80,000 data points from a single echocardiogram image to overcome subjectivity, it increases diagnostic accuracy of coronary heart disease from 80% to >90%, helping cardiologists with the power of artificial intelligence.

About OrganOx: Based in Oxford, England, OrganOx is developing a medical device, the OrganOx metra, that will increase the availability of suitable livers by enabling successful transplantation of organs from non-heart-beating donors and reducing the number of discarded livers.  The device operates by maintaining the organ in a fully functioning state during transport and storage, by providing blood flow, oxygen, nutrients and temperature within physiological parameters.  This not only enables the liver to be stored safely for a longer period (up to 24 hours) but also provides the surgeon with real-time and cumulative data with which to assess viability and make a decision whether to transplant.  This is a major advance over the current method of organ assessment, which is largely subjective.

The OrganOx metra is currently commercially available within the EU.  OrganOx is currently engaged in a further pivotal study in the US and a further study at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham to test the viability and transplant potential of marginal livers.

About GI Windows: GI Windows is a clinical-stage medical device company with the guiding principles of focusing on lasting mechanisms of action to treat metabolic diseases, avoiding long-term implants, minimizing delivery tools and procedure complexity, and creating a same day, endosuite procedure without general anesthesia.


  • Incision-less Anastomosis System (IAS), an endoscopic creation of a dual-path enteral diversion, is an incision-less anastomotic system that can be used to create non-surgical therapies to treat Type 2 diabetes in obese patients. The company’s technology is designed to enable durable, intestinal bypasses to address chronic diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes and obesity, without the cost and invasiveness of surgical interventions.

About Rarecyte诚信红包外挂: Based in Seattle, Washington, USA, RareCyte is a life science company that offers high-performance easy to use, next-generation tools for the analysis and capture of rare, individual cells from liquid biopsies and tissue samples.  RareCyte’s systems are used by academic institutions and commercial organizations for a range of applications in oncology, prenatal testing and infectious disease.


  • AccuCyte® Blood Separation System: RareCyte’s AccuCyte blood separation system is designed to be consistent and reproducible with virtually no loss of cells. A simple two-step centrifugation method takes advantage of the nucleated cells’ density to concentrate and separate cells of interest away from plasma and red blood cells – no biomarker is necessary for cell selection. The AccuCyte system integrates easily with commonly available lab equipment.
  • CyteFinder® Instrument with CytePicker® Module for sample analysis and Single Cell Retrieval: The CyteFinder Instrument enables accurate single cell discovery using multiplex imaging and proprietary software to detect and rank potential cells of interest in the sample. The user verifies each individual cell’s detailed morphology and biomarker expression profile.

About Exscientia: 诚信红包外挂Exscientia is the first company to actually automate drug design, surpassing conventional human endeavor. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data resources, Exscientia is accelerating the speed of drug development.

诚信红包外挂exscientia’s ai-driven systems actively learn best practice from vast repositories of discovery data and are further enhanced with knowledge acquired from seasoned drug hunters. by harnessing the power of big data, the company has better information at hand than any researcher could acquire individually.

诚信红包外挂knowledge-powered systems design millions of novel, project-specific compounds and pre-assess each for predicted potency, selectivity, adme and other key criteria. from this, a selection of the best, information-rich compounds are selected for synthesis and assay. with new experimental data generated, the results are integrated and the next design cycle initiated.

drug discovery has never been this fast! rapid design-make-test cycles ensure unparalleled progress towards desired project goals. exscientia has already delivered exceptional productivity, generating candidates in roughly one-quarter of the time of traditional approaches.

About Oxford VR: Oxford VR  is built on the ground-breaking work of Daniel Freeman, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Oxford University and Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. Freeman has been one of the pioneers of the use of virtual reality to understand and treat mental health problems, with research funded by the Wellcome Trust, the UK Medical Research Council, and the NHS National Institute of Health Research.

oxford vr’s focus is on developing clinically validated, cost-effective, user-centred cognitive treatments for clinical conditions with significant impact on patients, the health system and wider economy. our treatments are automated, with the therapy delivered by a virtual coach, enabling us to increase dramatically access to the best therapies.

we take a cognitive therapy approach, basing therapeutic techniques on a tested theoretical model of each problem. the automated therapy is therefore tailored for each condition, with its efficacy demonstrated in clinical trials.

诚信红包外挂when vr is done properly, the experience triggers the same psychological and physiological reactions as real-life situations. and that means that what people learn from the vr therapy can help them in the real world.


Based in Oxford, England, Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI) specializes in investments in spin-outs from Oxford University’s technology, mathematical, physical, life sciences and medical sciences departments.

osi has raised £580 million ($706 million), with first-round investors including google ventures and the wellcome trust and the second round led by asian investors. since its foundation in april 2015, the organization has provided financial support to 22 companies, including biotech spinouts evox, vaccitech and djs antibodies.


Oxford Investment Consultants LLP is an investment advisor that covers life sciences, healthcare and technology in the United Kingdom.  The firm prefers to make investments in the University of Oxford spin out companies. Oxford Investments Consultants LLP is based in the United Kingdom.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies诚信红包外挂 has developed the world’s first and only nanopore DNA sequencer, the MinION.  The MinION is a portable, real time, long-read, low cost device that has been designed to bring easy biological analyses to anyone, whether in scientific research, education or a range of real world applications such as disease/pathogen surveillance, environmental monitoring, food chain surveillance, self-quantification or even microgravity biology.  Commercially available since 2015, the MinION is in use by a thriving community in more than 50 countries, enabling myriad applications within the traditional laboratory environment and in the field.

nanopore sensing technology is fully scalable and the high-throughput, high-sample number promethion is currently being released in the promethion early access programme (peap). oxford nanopore is focused on making dna/rna based analyses easy enough for any user and so we are working to simplify the sample preparation and data analysis processes. for sample preparation this includes a 5-10 minute sample prep kit, and voltrax.  voltrax, now shipping to early users, is a rapid, programmable, portable, disposable sample preparation device designed to convert complex samples (eg samples may come from blood, saliva, the environment) into a form ready for nanopore analysis.

诚信红包外挂metrichor ltd offers analysis solutions coupled with nanopore sensing devices, with the goal of making analyses accessible to industries or people without bioinformatics skills or even biology qualifications. ‘applied’ markets may include healthcare, agriculture or the food or environmental industries.

nanopore devices can be adapted for the analysis of a range of biological molecules including dna, rna and proteins.  supported by a broad patent portfolio, the oxford nanopore pipeline includes multiple generations of nanopore-based sensing technologies, including those based on both biological and solid-state nanopores.



Alan Au

诚信红包外挂managing partner

alan is a veteran in healthcare related investments. he is founder/managing partner at gt healthcare partners, an innovative private equity operator focusing on cross border healthcare investments.

诚信红包外挂alan was senior adviser to simcere pharmaceutical group, a leading pharmaceutical company in china (previously listed on nyse:scr, privatized in dec 2013, when alan was chairman of the special committee on the board of directors). he was also a member of the board, audit committee and compensation committee of china nepstar chain drugstore ltd. (nyse: npd, privatized in sep 2016) from 2013 to 2016. separately, alan is a member of the board, audit committee and chairman of nomination committee of cellular biomedicine group inc. (nasdaq: cbmg), a leader in immune-oncology in china. in addition, he has served as a panel member for the entrepreneur support scheme (ess program) of the innovation and technology fund of the hong kong sar government since 2014.

before that, alan was head of asia healthcare investment banking of deutsche bank group, advising healthcare ipos and m&a in the region between 2011 and 2012. prior to that, he was executive director at jafco asia investment group, responsible for healthcare investments in china from 2008 to 2010, and investment director at morningside group, managing healthcare investments in asia from 2000 to 2005. from 1995 to 1999, mr. au worked at kpmg and kpmg corporate finance ltd., taking care of regional m&a transactions and financial advisory services.

alan is a certified public accountant in the u.s. and holds the chartered financial analyst (cfa) designation. he is an associate member of the hong kong institute of financial analysts and member of the american institute of certified public accountants. alan received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the chinese university of hong kong, and a master’s degree in management from columbia business school in new york.

MingXi Li, Ph.D.


诚信红包外挂dr. mingxi li serves as partner at gt healthcare capital partners. experienced with identifying innovative technologies and commercializing them, mingxi is a us trained professional focusing on life science sector with keen understanding of global and china healthcare market.

he has established a track record of investing in china as well as cross-border transactions, and stayed well connected with industrial leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and academia in both china and us.

mingxi serves on the board of a number of prominent pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies in china as well. he was senior director at simcere pharmaceutical group from 2013 to 2017, and managed simcere’s portfolio of investments (>150m usd) in various venture funds, including cormorant asset management (ma, usa), ally bridge group (hk), partners innovation fund (ma, usa), pointguard ventures (ca, usa), bohe angels (suzhou, china) and tenyall capital (nanjing, china). he also served on the investment committee of tenyall capital.

mingxi graduated with a b.s. in biological science and biotechnology from tsinghua university and has a ph.d. in biochemistry from university of illinois at urbana-champaign.

earlier in his career, he worked in jiuding capital, covering chinese pharma/ivd/hospital sectors, and later at simcere pharma/bioscikin covering clinical and pre-clinical stage biopharma investments globally.

Jason Yeung


jason yeung is a partner at gt healthcare capital partners. jason has over 20 years of investment experience, most recently as a managing director at credit suisse’s hong kong office, where jason led a professional team of seven to serve ultra-high net worth family offices, institutions and major corporations.

诚信红包外挂at credit suisse, jason worked closely with investment banking division to advise and refer capital market transactions, ipos, block trades, placements, m&a advisory, as well as leveraged financing transactions for clients.

prior to credit suisse, jason was managing director, investments at merrill lynch (asia pacific), whose seven-person professional team was one of the top advisor teams with highest client assets under management and revenue. before joining merrill lynch, jason was managing director of megawealth division at citigroup private bank, where he advised ultra-high net worth clients in equity, fixed income, derivatives, private equity and other alternative investments.

jason also worked at goldman sachs (executive director, head of institutional us & international equity sales) and jpmorgan (associate, equity capital market). he began his career as a management associate, commercial banking at citibank.

诚信红包外挂jason received a bachelor’s degree in finance from the chinese university of hong kong and a certified investment management analyst certification from the wharton business school at the university of pennsylvania.

Jai Hyun Kwon, Ph.D.

venture partner

dr. kwon serves as venture partner at gt healthcare capital partners.  most recently, dr. kwon served as director, head of corporate development and transactions at genexine, a korean clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative immunotherapeutics and next generation novel long-acting biologics.  before joining genexine, dr. kwon was vice president, chief strategy officer at theragenetex, a genomics company developing innovative diagnosis tools and new drugs using the genomics and bioinformatics technologies.  before joining theragenetex, dr. kwon was a research analyst at daewoo security, covering the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector.  dr. kwon started in industry as manager, business development at oscotec, a bone specialized biotechnology company in korea.

dr. kwon received his doctor of philosophy degree in biopharmaceutical engineering, master of science in life science, bachelor of science in genetic engineering, all from korea university in seoul, korea.

Professor Lo Yuk Lam


Professor Lo has extensive experience in biotechnology industry, corporate management, academic research and community service. He is an Independent Non-Executive Director at Luye Pharma Group Ltd. (HKEX: 2186.HK), Independent Non-Executive Director at CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. (HKEX: 1093.HK), and Independent Director at Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (Nasdaq: SVA).
Professor Lo is currently serving as the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Food and Health Bureau of the Hong Kong Government, an Executive Committee Member of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (“CMA”) and Chairman of the Education Committee of CMA. He is also the Honorary Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Bio-Organization. In the educational area, Professor Lo has been elected an Honorary Fellow of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, a member of the Advisory Committee of the Vocational Training Council, Adjunct Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Honorary Professor of several universities in China. He was heavily involved in several committees of the Hong Kong Government, including the Chairman of the Biotechnology Committee of the Hong Kong Industry & Technology Development Council, and the Chairman of Biotechnology Projects Vetting Committee of the Innovation and Technology Fund, Hong Kong Government. In Mainland China, Professor Lo is a consultant of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of China. In recognition of his leadership in the community and dedication to his field, Professor Lo has received many awards, including the prestigious “World’s Outstanding Chinese Award” in 2008 and China’s “Top Ten Financial and Intelligent Persons” in 2007.

Jingwu Zang, Ph.D.

scientific advisor

dr. jingwu zang received his medical degree from shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine and a phd in neuroimmunology in belgium, where he started his illustrious pursuit of an immune-therapy for autoimmune disease (multiple sclerosis) through basic and clinical research. dr. zang was a post-doctoral fellow of the us national ms society at harvard medical school and later joined the faculty at baylor college of medicine as a professor of neurology and the research director of multiple sclerosis centre in houston. he holds an active medical license in the state of texas in us and was the founder of opexa pharmaceuticals, now listed on nasdaq.

in his career after moving back to china, dr. zang established the institute of health sciences with chinese academy of sciences as the founding director and co-founded the institute pasteur shanghai, a partnership institute of the chinese academy of sciences and institute pasteur paris. dr. zang published over 150 scientific papers including in science, nature medicine, nature immunology, and book chapters in the area of immunology and received many awards for the scientific works he led in us and china. he joined glaxosmithkline in 2007 as svp and founded gsk’s r&d centre in china and later became gsk’s global head of neurosciences therapy area. in 2013, dr. zang was appointed as cso of simcere pharmaceuticals and president of bioscikin, an open drug innovation organization based in nanjing, china. dr. zang founded the third venture biotechnologies together with the other members of the team in 2014.

Shawn Leung, Ph.D.

scientific advisor

诚信红包外挂dr. shawn leung is the scientific founder and ceo of sinomab.  he has had over 20 years of experience in the biotechnology industry and is proficient in the field of therapeutic antibody development. prior to founding sinomab, dr. leung had served as the managing director of the hong kong institute of biotechnology, and as the executive director, biology research, of immunomedics, inc., of new jersey, usa. dr. leung is an inventor on over 20 patents and the author of more than 70 publications (nature, journal of immunology, nucleic acid research, cancer research, clinical cancer research, etc.). his works and contributions in the field of therapeutic antibodies are highly regarded in china, and he is amongst the first non-residents in china obtaining approval as the project leader in the 863 program for the development of novel antibody based therapy for liver cancer. dr. leung received his d.phil. in molecular biology from oxford university and was a howard-hughes medical research fellow at yale university. dr. leung holds various adjunct positions in different academic institutions, including the biochemistry department of cuhk, the third military medical university in chongqing, and the fourth military medical university in xian.


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